Happy Patients
Joseph D. I couldn't be more impressed by the professionalism, the humanity or the state of the arcare I received at Howe Dental Associates, where I recently underwent an emergency root canal procedure and received a crown (my first, on both counts, and hopefully my only!). Dr Weiner and his crew are the best of the best. My old dentist had unexpectedly quit the US for Australia, leaving all of her patients to fend for themselves. So I was in a panic when I called Howe Dental, experiencing excruciating pain which had brought me to a hospital emergency room the night before. From the moment I checked in with them, I felt accompanied. Each step of the procedure I was to undergo was explained to me in layperson's English. Dr Weiner is a joyful, brilliant conversationalist and he kept my mind busy while I focused on the babbling brook on the LCD monitor over my chair and took in the relaxing ambient music in the background. I literally put myself in the frame of mind that the back part of my teeth was like a construction site now. The old structure which was there had been deemed structurally unsound and condemned. It needed to be gutted replaced by something newer which would retain the character of the surrounding historic tooth neighborhood, while incorporating the latest in durable materials and the last word in sanitary circulatory systems. So, after two days of a flurry of (extremely) gently-applied needles, anesthesia, drilling, boring, draining, sterilization, scaffolding and reconstruction and at the end of two procedures, I emerged with a brand new tooth which fits perfectly and feels identical to all my other teeth. Whatever your particular situation, if you are looking for a dentist who truly cares and takes a holistic approach to dental hygiene, I heartily, enthusiastically recommend Dr Weiner and Howe Dental Associates. I thank Dr Weiner and the whole team from the bottom of my heart.


Carla V. -  I had an emergency situation with the crown from my root canal, I was seen at the last minute, which is the first plus. The Doctor took the time to analyze and resolve the pain I was experiencing, in under a few hours! I would highly recommend Howe Dental to anyone needing qualified professional focus for your dental care.